You’ve taken a big step in the process of investigating in a healthier you just by visiting this website and exploring your options. Research suggests that the therapeutic relationship is the most important factor in positive psychotherapy outcomes. This is not to add pressure to your search, but it’s to encourage you to look around and find a therapist that suits you best. Because the therapeutic relationship is critical to the counseling process, I provide a 30 minute initial consultation for free that allows you to get to know me and see if you feel I would be a good fit. The initial consultation can be done in person or by telephone.
Phone Consultation: Free
Individual Counseling: 50 minutes - $125
The first session is 60-75 minutes in order for me to gather adequate information - $125

Coastal Mind and Body accepts BlueCross BlueShield Insurance plans.

For plans outside of BCBS, an "out of network" receipt can be provided for you to file with your insurance company as needed. 

We also accept cash, checks and all major credit cards.
Please be aware that if you decide to use insurance, a formal mental health diagnosis must be made which will be a permanent part of your health care record.