it all starts with you.

you deserve to
be happy.

It is easy to dismiss what you are feeling by comparing your suffering to others, by deciding that your suffering doesn’t measure up and that what you’re going through isn’t that bad. The reality is, no matter what you’re dealing with, you deserve help and support. You deserve to be happy.

you are allowed
to struggle.

Have you ever felt down but told yourself you shouldn’t because you have nothing to feel sad about? You’re healthy, you have a good job, and people that love you – so you should be happy, right? Even if all these things are true, you are still allowed to struggle. Mental health is not simply about checking boxes until we are “happy,” it’s about learning to acknowledge and manage all of your emotions so you can live a fulfilling, enjoyable life.

are you ready to
put you first?

Has people-pleasing and putting everyone else’s needs before your own made you feel like you’ve lost your identity and gotten away from who you truly are? It’s time to put you first by working through your feelings, thoughts, and behaviors to improve your sense of self, one day at a time.